Kalabagh Dam Benefits

Kalabagh Dam Benefits: By Building Dam you can salvage thousands of Life.

The Kalabagh is considered to be the purposed hydroelectric dam which is built on the River Indus at Kalabagh which is positioned at MianWali district, Punjab, Pakistan. Its official name is Kalabagh Dam. It is 79 meters (259 feet) high and length wise it is 3,350 meters (10,991 feet) long. . It has been built on about 110,500 Sq mi.

Kalabagh Dam Benefits

This dam will enhances the revenue of the country and give a massive change on our economy which could be raised up to 30 billion each year. It can be help to overcome all the agricultural problems. In sufficient availability of water which is the top most issue of our country can be resolved by it.


In 1979, the Pakistan government has got a grant of $25 million from the UNDP for its preparation, feasibility and detailed design. Then the government move toward the Bank of World, which accepted this request and has agreed to finance this project. Initially, the development of Kalabagh dam was not created any hindrances or problems for the previous dam projects such as Mangla (under Ayub Khan) and Tarbella  The issue of Kalabagh started to become pocket-sized after the execution of the former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a highly popular leader of Sindh.

Water issue can be solved by building a dam. A study sponsored by NUST University in 2014, has determined that the building Kalabagh would offer the following benefits.

• Annual savings of $4 billion in energy costs.
• Saving Rs132 billion due to irrigation benefits.
• Prevent flood-loss damage, such as the $45 billion loss suffered in recent floods.


Kalabagh Dam Benefits

Advantages of Kalabhag Dam:

It has so many benefits which will lead our nation towards success and prosperity and also enhances our economic growth.

As u knows water is needed to generate the electricity so the dam will be helpful to produce more and more electricity by which the citizens can get the proper energy out of this project.
This project will be very advantageous for every citizen as it enhances agriculture and electricity which the utmost issues of our country.

Kalabhag dam can be helpful to reduce the poverty and turn the barren land into the fertile land which can increase the agriculture and 3900 megawatts of electricity will be produce out of it.

The annual power generation of Kalabhag dam is about 11,400 GWh

Storage capacity:  The total storage of Kalabhag dam is about 7.9 MAF whereas its storage capacity is 6.1 MAF. The total volume of the Kalabhag dam is about 34 million yards. From Kalabagh dam, water can be used to moisten the infertile areas of Pakistan.

Benefits of the dam enhances so many aspects of our economy its rises our annual power revenue Rs 25.50 billion. Its increases the revenue of irrigation system from about Rs 3 billion comparatively its total yearly revenue is about Rs 33.30 billion which not only even out us but also decrease unemployment from our youth.