Honda ATLAS CB 150 F Review

HONDA ATLAS CB 150 F Review:

Style over speed.

HONDA ATLAS CB 150 F Review: This time Honda Atlas introduces a modern and sporty Honda CB 150F for all bike lovers. Honda is the most commanding player in Pakistan’s bike industry. Till now it is the best motorcycle by Atlas Honda with upgraded features. Honda CB150 F is one of the most interests rising bike in Pakistan. Basically Honda CB 150 F is the street bike with a minimum amount of metal or plastic structure.



It is well known for his glistening design, voluminous security features and looks. It is very compatible for those who are looking for the stabilized performance and glimpse. Honda Atlas launched Honda CB 150F into four unique colors such as red, blue, green and black. Everyone will captivate towards it by its colors range.

Honda CB 150F has 4 stroke 150cc SOCH inherent Turbo cooled engine which is responsible to provide its users a direct gasoline injection as well as a lot of new cooling techniques which includes pistons with cooling galleries. Honda also has 5-speed constant Mesh, noncyclic Transmission, high performance self-start system makes bike more compatible, low maintenance viscous type Air filter (16,000km Mileage), Maintenance- free Dry powerful backup battery, car type speedometer visibility with Trip meter because it is a very necessary instrument on a vehicle’s dashboard which plays a great role in indicating its speed. It also has gear indicator to tell the rider that what gear he’s in at that time.

To measure its spinning velocity, a wireless tachometer is installed. Honda CB 150F has also neodymium magnetic key which is the strongest type of permanent magnetic key which is available commercially. For security purpose, HONDA ATLAS CB 150 F also has CBR 250cc Type Magnetic ignition protection which guarantees only the original reserved words. Honda CB 150F also has fuel gauge with a fuel capacity of 13Litres. In order to add the breaking power in it, Honda CB 150F has front disc brake. Honda CB150F has a backbone type frame.


Honda CB 150F frame is made of steel diamond with truss structure which gives it a luminous appearance. Honda CB 150F headlight covered 16 feet wide road on low and 1 km covered long on high which can protect the rider from any sort of harm.

Honda CB 150F Front White LED Day time Fog lights also use as parking lights which is Honda’s one of the attractive feature, Dipper Push Button electrically initiate the bike, High Frequency Tone Horn sort of Car horn is fixed in it to increase its sound, Exhaust Heavy Sound (Less noisy as compared to deluxe). Its soft Footrest engine make you feel like engine off even it start rather than making too much noisy sounds like other bikes.

While its handle bar brings straphanger a style feel to its bike. Bike tank is too edgy and sleek in design, thrilling graphics with an analogue instrumental console which pushes he riders into funny rides. Honda CB 150F has a unique type of clutch with multiple weight pates. Its seat height is about 790mm approximately 13 inches. Honda CB 150F style especially from the front and features diverts the attention of riders towards it.

Honda CB 150F is the smoothness bike ever its self-start work very quickly. Honda CB 150F has two types of brakes named as front brake and rear brake. Front brake is of Single hydraulic disk with dual piston and rear brake is of Single hydraulic disc with single piston. Honda CB 150F contains tubeless tires. Its front tire is of 80/90-17M/C 44P and its rear tire is of 100/80-17M/C 52P. Its wheel base is of 1,288mm (50.7 inches).


HONDA ATLAS CB 150 F is three dimensional. Its length is about 2,008mm (79.1 inches). Its width is 719mm (28.3 inches) and its height is 1,061mm (41.8 inches). As Honda CB 150 F is most modern type of vehicle, its seat height is about 790mm (31 inches). Its fuel capacity is 12 I (2.6 imp gal; 3.2 US gal).Its oil capacity is about 1.0I (1.1 US q t).

New Honda CB 150f has 129 kg (284 lb) weight. Its turning radius is about 1.98 m (6 ft 6 inches). Its suspension at front is 107 mm telescopic and its suspension at back is about 91 mm Swing arm.

HONDA ATLAS CB 150 F is very much powerful, convenient, and matchless among all motorcycles. It is the most modern means of transport which is more luxurious and comfortable for the rider to cover long term distance. The Honda CB 150F motorbike is also available from today having a cost of about 172,000.

After reading all information from above we can easily understands the aim and objective of Atlas Honda that it wants to serve the country with top notch and most efficient technology which definitely provides benefit to its users especially to Pakistani customer. Within a year’s time we hope that Honda CB 150F will get demand in high regards. Honda CB 150F will definitely soar like an eagle.


It also has the availability of troubleshooting. This features detects different sorts of problems within the vehicle which includes tire puncture, defects in engine and battery failure etc.


Honda CB 150 F is put in motion at a highly competing price of Rs 172,000 all over Pakistan. It will be further exported to foreign states. Honda CB 150F provides its users the facility of self-start as well as kick-start.

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