Imran Khan launches Pakistan Citizen Portal App

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan launched ‘Pakistan subject Portal’

with Associate in Nursing aim to timely address issues of the individuals and obtain their feedback.

PM Khan termed his government’s innovative programme a medium for ‘a quantum change’ by facultative the voters to possess a say within the government affairs through recording of their protests/proposals, climax the operative of all its offices, departments and workplaces.

Addressing the launching ceremony of the Pakistan Citizens’ Portal (PCP) here at the PM workplace, the prime minister same it absolutely was one in every of the manifestations of Naya Pakistan inside which the persons would become a method to have the govt.

He same the previous rulers didn’t amendment the colonial mentality and treated the individuals as defeated category. Such trend failed to amendment and therefore the public expectations with the govt offices ran terribly low, however currently that trend had to alter, the govt offices and officers ought to serve the individuals, he added.

The prime minister same the voters might raise their voices on-line and therefore the departments and offices involved would be absolute to respond within the specific timeline to deal with their complaints and therefore the PM workplace would manage the progress on those problems.

Pakistan Citizen Portal

He same the concept to launch such an online portal was initial of its kind within the country’s history, interconnecting concerning four,000 government offices.

He expressed the arrogance that the programme would additionally facilitate the govt to form policies based mostly upon public feedback and suggestions, and their opinion would function springboard and thrust for such policies.

The prime minister regretted that sadly the rich and potent individuals got their problems resolved however the normal man on the road had to suffer.

Changing the mentality of state functionaries was important to boost the governance system within the country, he said, adding through easy accessibility to the net portal by all and varied, the politicians, ministers and government functionaries had been created responsible.

Happening the case, the prime minister officially hurled the gateway. The individuals will approach the govt departments involved through Pakistan Citizen’s Portal when finishing their registration method with the assistance of specific mobile application transfer.

Pakistan Citizen Portal:

The PM workplace can supervise redressal of public grievances by the departments involved and take into account the practicableness of public proposals sent thereto by the voters.

The integrated system, Associate in Nursing initiative of the Prime Minister Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU), has the most recent info technological tools for its functioning.

Portal Contains:

The portal contains twenty totally different inherent classes (3,796 offices) for facilitation and therefore the voters, parliamentarians, overseas Pakistanis and foreigners can need to complete the registration method before accessing its numerous tools and pages.

Pakistan Citizen Portal Download Link :

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