Apple Removes iCloud Activation Lock standing Page for Reasons Unknown

Apple Removes iCloud Activation Lock standing Page for Reasons Unknown:

In a new development, Apple has close up its iCloud Activation Lock standing page on This service was employed by used iPhone patrons to examine the legitimacy of the vendor, before creating the acquisition on-line. The URL lock currently shows a 404 error, and its references on the Apple support page have conjointly been removed.

This link was terribly helpful for people who bought used iPhone devices on-line. Since iOS eight, Apple has unbroken ‘Activation Lock’ turned on by default. This prevents anyone from activating a tool while not providing valid Apple ID credentials of the owner. once users sell their iPhone licitly, they’re asked to modify off Activation Lock for it to be transferred to its new owner. throughout refurbished sale on-line, this iCloud Activation Lock standing page accustomed facilitate patrons verify if the Activation Lock has been turned off or not. If not, then the web device might doubtless be a purloined unit, warning the client to not purchase it.


A used iPhone, whose Activation Lock isn’t turned off, is much useless for the new owner, as they will not be able to enter in while not the previous owner’s credentials. This feature was a much-needed security and cautions for the good thing about each the client and also the original owner, and no various technique has been listed as of nevertheless.

9to5mac was the primary to identify the move down of the Activation Lock standing page, and it even mentioned that each one references of it from Apple’s support documentation has been removed. As we have a tendency to mentioned, Apple’s Activation Lock is enabled by neglect all new iPhone devices. we have a tendency to marvel what Apple has up its sleeve, and knowing the corporate, an alternate ought to be within the offing. If you would like, you’ll be able to disable Activation Lock through the notice My iPhone app.

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